Do you work in a sales team and need to improve your information sharing with employees?

Organizing meetings with the whole team is an ordeal! I

s it easy to find important files for your project? Microsoft Teams is the solution for you! 

1. Talk to your team! 

You need to communicate regularly with your colleagues but meetings are not enough for you? Use the conversation channel in the "Teams" tab in the menu on the left of the app!

You can even create different channels for a single team, to separate the different topics and projects of your team, greatly improving visibility. Microsoft Teams also has the handy feature of bolding conversations in which you have unread messages, so you don't miss any information! 

2. Organize your meetings! 

Getting all your employees together in one meeting can be complicated. After all, everyone's schedule is rarely the same and going on a hunt for availability becomes exponentially complicated with the more colleagues you have. Luckily, Microsoft Teams has you covered. 

All you have to do is go to the "Calendar" tab, click on one of your x slots and create a meeting with your colleagues. Microsoft Teams will automatically send them an invitation, which they can accept or decline, letting you know in advance who will be there! 

The invitation will also contain a link that your colleagues can use to attend the meeting when the time comes. They will also be able to go directly to their calendar and click on the meeting that was automatically added when it was accepted. 

3. Share your files! 

Does your team have a large Power BI file that needs to stay on hand at all times? You can simply add it to your team's posts channel, by clicking the "+" at the top of the conversation thread. All you have to do is search for the Power BI app in the window that appears, then the file in the window among your storage spaces, shares, or apps. After that, click "Save" and the file will now be pinned to the team channel as a tab, allowing your entire team to find it easily and quickly. 


Now you have what you need in Microsoft Teams: Clear communication, fast organization and easier collaboration than ever are yours! 


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