You are on the road to meet one of your customers. During your commute, you want to make last-minute changes to a file and especially to your presentation. Unfortunately, you only have your mobile at your disposal or you simply lack the time or space where you are to take out your computer and edit your slideshow. 

So, how do I edit my document, directly in my smartphone? 


1. Download the "Microsoft Office" app 

On your smartphone, open directly the "Microsoft Office" app to access all your files on your various corporate shares. 

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In this space, you can also find your documents in your OneDrive storage. 

N.B. : This application is available on Android and iOS. 


2. Find your slideshow in the list of documents 





You can use the search bar to type the name of your presentation to find it faster. 





N.B. : If you have recently edited this document, in the "PowerPoint" section, click the "Home" button. On the home page, you can find your presentation in the list of PowerPoint presentations. 


3. Open your document 

Then simply click on it to open it directly on your Smartphone. The Microsoft Office app lets you view and edit the document without having to download the PowerPoint app. 




I can then scroll through the slides and click on the "Pencil" button icon to make the changes on the different slides of the presentation. 




All the tools present in PowerPoint are at your disposal from your smartphone. 

Once the changes are complete, simply "Validate" and close your document. 


3. Additional options 

But that's not all, the app provides other options to work on your slides! For a final reading, you can also check your presentation with the "Presenter" mode to ensure the smooth running of your slideshow and add, if necessary, notes to your presentation. 


Thanks to the Microsoft Office app, it is easy to find and modify all your documents on your smartphone from anywhere 😉. 


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